January 18, 2017 2:08 pm

Hi! As I was walking through our lobby this morning I stopped to pretend that I was a first-time guest at Lago Mar. I wanted to fully experience our “Sense of Arrival”. Wow! I immediately felt the “casual elegance” that we try to exude throughout the entire resort. The pineapple in the middle of our spectacular chandelier, which hangs from our ceiling that is at least 20 feet high, made me feel welcome, as this crowned fruit symbolizes friendship and hospitality! The fireplace, made out of authentic coquina rock, gave me a cozy feeling right away. What really took my breath away, though, is the gorgeous mosaic square in the middle of the room. We get so many compliments on this huge piece of artwork!

lago mar lobby mosaic

I will tell you a little history about it but please don’t do any “fact-checking” because I am taking this from my memory and, at 50, that is not exactly perfect. The mosaic was created by a brilliant artist named Luciano who had a pretty impressive resume. He single-handedly designed and installed all of the mosaic tiles for Versace’s residence and store in Bal Harbour Shops. We actually visited Bal Harbour Shops to look at their mosaics to see if ours would truly be worth the high price! We all agreed that it was so exquisite that we just had to have it and that is how it all began. I remember that the price was $50,000 for that one square and that was almost 20 years ago! Because our guests were in such awe of the first mosaic we decided to create another one beside it! Now we have those two and we have them placed down the Gallery Walkway as well. No matter how many times my kids enter the lobby they still stop to admire Luciano’s mosaic of magnificent sea creatures and then they run over to our immense aquarium behind the front desk to check on the many tropical fish!

If you haven’t been to the resort in a few months you will notice that we now have fruit infused water available, just another way to welcome our guests and enhance our “Sense of Arrival”. Hope to see you soon!


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