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Hi! Since I have interviewed all of my kids for my blog except my firstborn son, Chipper, I thought it was about time I let him tell his story of “Summer at Lago Mar”.

Chipper has a unique perspective of his summer at the resort as he helps close the beach in the evenings. This consists of putting all of the chairs and umbrellas away, collecting all the towels, and picking up all of the trash. This process takes about 2-3 hours and has to be done every night to adhere to the rules and regulations in order to protect the turtles. We actually have sixteen turtle nests on our beach at this time!

sea turtle nest lago mar resort fort lauderdale 2022

Chipper says he really loves his evenings at the resort because he still gets to socialize with our repeat resort guests as they leave the beach to get ready for dinner but he also has the opportunity to experience the calmness and peace that comes with the early mornings and late afternoons at the beach. Since Chipper is a teenager and they are notorious for sleeping late, the early evening shift at the resort works for him and his friends.

I am so grateful that all of my kids love contributing to the success of Lago Mar. Recently, Chipper also helped me pick out our new succulent arrangements for the larger tables in Acquario. They look fantastic and compliment the smaller succulent dishes that Dani helped me pick out a couple of weeks ago! Lago Mar is truly a family-owned and operated business.

See you there soon,


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