lago mar resort cat ben orange tabby July 19, 2022 5:53 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I think this is one of my favorite summers at the resort because I love spending time with Sam, The Lago Mar Resort Cat. Watching him grow and play is so much fun. He has definitely been one of our longest stays in the sixty-two years we have owned the resort.

He loves his little suite by the mini golf course, especially when I put an amenity inside (cat nip:). Table number three under the bar is another one of his favorite places to lounge and he must feel so safe and comfortable that he actually stretches out completely on his back. I have read that when a cat lays on his back, making him vulnerable, that means he has total trust in his environment. I always knew Lago Mar attracted wonderful resort guests, members, and staff but Sam is even more proof!

We don’t know exactly how old Sam is but we believe he is turning one soon. Maybe we can have a little birthday party for him! Next time you are at the Resort make sure to say hello to Sam.

succulent restaurant decor

Also, I hope you like the succulents that I bought for each table in the Dining Room. We are using them for breakfast and lunch and then the candles for dinner. Lastly, I helped behind the Towel Hut last weekend and it was so nice to have guests come over and tell me how much they love reading my blog. It really means a lot to me!

xo Deb

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