August 24, 2022 6:21 pm

Hi! If you don’t have plans for Labor Day Weekend, you should consider doing a staycation at Lago Mar Beach Resort. I can give you some insight into Demi and her friend’s current staycation as the girls are staying at the resort until they leave for Cambridge on Saturday.

After the very intense internships they both just completed this summer and to prepare for their senior year at Harvard, they decided to indulge in some self-care, train for their sports (Demi – Tennis; Jaiden – Water Polo), and have some fun at their favorite resort. Each morning they start off with a healthy breakfast from the buffet in the Palm Garden Room. Then they each train for their sport. Demi plays with her coach on the bright blue beach courts while Jaiden treads water in the adult pool. Then they head to the fitness center for an additional workout. After that, it is off to the ocean for some salt therapy for their sore muscles and then massages in The Spa. 

Since the weather has been absolutely beautiful with sunny skies every day, they have been feasting on delicious club sandwiches and fish tacos for lunch on the Sea Grape Terrace. Their afternoons have been spent mostly relaxing with a cocktail or two since they are both 21 and they agree that their favorite drink so far is the Ultimate Lago Margarita. In the late afternoon, the girls head up to their beautiful suite to get ready for dinner. They are relishing every minute of their large suite and balcony before they head back to live in a tiny dorm room with no AC. Although Harvard does provide good food to the students, it hardly compares to dining in Acquario. Demi and Jaiden are still raving about the Filet Mignon, Plantain Crusted Golden Corvina, and Shrimp and Pancetta Roasted Cauliflower Carbonara they have already tried.

I am so grateful to be able to spoil them for a few days. They deserve it so much. As I am writing this blog they called to see if I will meet them in our old-fashioned Soda Shop for an ice cream cone.

Gotta go for now,


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