penthouse view lago mar resort fort lauderdale August 29, 2022 3:52 pm

Hi! I know I promised a blog about our latest room renovations but since we have a group in-house taking up most of our suites, I decided to dedicate my blog to our two Penthouses. I have full access to them right now because we have them out of order for the next few days to move in the new furniture and install the draperies.

I am super excited about all of the enhancements, especially the new light fixtures. The sconces and floor lamps are beautiful and very modern. The expensive new baby blue carpeting and the elegant artwork over the new couch are stunning. I absolutely love the large comfy Abaco chairs with beautiful fabric representing ocean colors -great for curling up with a good book or just relaxing with the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you haven’t stayed in one of our Penthouse Suites, they are approximately 1800 square feet and have floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views. I have not personally seen the new drapes but I have heard they are over the top! I almost forgot to share the new bedding. We added baby blue dust ruffles and new throw pillows. I have enclosed lots of pictures with this blog so you can see what we have been working on recently.

The next blog will be about the one and two-bedroom suite upgrades. Thank you again for supporting my blog!

xo Debbie 

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