September 15, 2016 1:47 pm

Hi! I just wanted to dedicate this blog to thanking all of our guests and members for their cooperation with our most recent renovation. The day after Labor Day we began the big project of removing all of the pavers around the swimming lagoon and replacing them with gorgeous Travertine pavers. The result is absolutely beautiful but, of course, the process has been challenging.

lago mar travertine tile

Since we are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day there is never a perfect time to close a pool and deal with a noise factor but, again, our guests and members have been wonderful! We are so grateful that the project is running ahead of schedule! I remember, back in 1992, when we demolished the main section of the resort and rebuilt it from scratch. We actually had a makeshift Front Desk set up in the conference center and our only dining facility, besides the Soda Shop, was The Ocean Grill, which was kept open for dinner and converted into a full service restaurant with servers and a great menu! All of our clients were so patient and excited for the finished product!

I still can’t believe that my Dad was able to tear that whole building down with over 40 rooms, the main kitchen, the offices, housekeeping department, front desk and switchboard and rebuild it in only 6 months! I guess that makes the “paver project” seem small and painless but we are still so appreciative that our guests are so loyal and understanding!

While I am writing this blog, we are also renovating some of our bathrooms in the Poolside Building. This is part of the way we are enhancing our property on a continual basis. The projects inside the rooms/suites are easier because we simply block off the rooms on either side and no one is disturbed. Anyways, I hope to see all of our members enjoying the new look of the swimming lagoon soon and we always look forward to our guests from all over the world returning to see our transformations since their last stay.

See you soon, Deb

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