lago mar entrance fort lauderdale April 30, 2018 3:58 pm

Hi! I can’t believe how busy we have stayed at the resort even though “the season” has ended. The weather has been so beautiful that the club members have been out in full force and we have to believe that our guests are still coming down from the North for some sunshine and warm weather.

Last weekend we had a wedding that was a huge success! This week we have a group in that has been coming to Lago Mar for over 20 years. This next weekend is The Fort Lauderdale Air Show 2018. Although we don’t advertise it, Lago Mar is a great place to view the show. While the show is technically a few miles away, a lot of our members will still prefer the privacy of watching the planes head over us as they travel down to Sunrise to do their actual maneuvers. I personally love sitting down on our beach and watching/hearing all of the amazing aircraft cruise by. For me, with 4 kids, it is much easier and more enjoyable to stay at the resort. Also, it is nice to be able to dine on the Promenade Walkway and then take a refreshing margarita down to the beach and utilize the shade of one of our umbrellas.

If I was booking a vacation to Fort Lauderdale, I can’t imagine sitting on the beach and not being able to enjoy a Pina colada or margarita because of the law concerning no alcohol on the public beach. I also would not let my kids, even the older ones, cross A1A to get to the beach without me. The beauty of Lago Mar is that we are directly on the ocean and families can let their kids enjoy putt-putt golf, shuffleboard, volleyball, chess and tennis, all while some of the family sits on the beach. It is an amazing concept that I did not fully appreciate until I had 4 children. Now, it is priceless!

I am so excited that Mother’s Day is coming soon. I am going to run down to Chef Phil now to talk about his menu! So excited! I will report back.


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