lago mar beach pool portrait fort lauderdale July 27, 2018 2:55 pm

Hi! We had an exciting visit this past week from Sachia Vickery, who is 75th in the world in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Demi and she share the same amazing coach so we invited her down to train with Demi on our blue beach courts. Wow! She hits the ball so hard and with such great accuracy! It is such an honor to watch her from only a few feet away. I believe it was last year when Sachia beat Garbine Muguruza, who was number 3 in the world at the time! We watched the entire match and cannot believe that Demi has the opportunity to hit with her. Sachia had a really nice time here at the resort and said she is looking forward to returning. We can’t wait!

We are also excited about the first of a few new pictures decorating the walls by the elevator near the Conference Center! It is hard to explain, but the picture is so unique because it is an Ultra HD Photo Print with high definition metallic. This process takes place in Germany and is known for its outstanding image quality. We absolutely love this one and can’t wait to see the others! If you are a member or guest and you are over here enjoying the property, we would love for you to take a  peek at the picture and the newly painted Fountainview Lobby. We are discussing new furniture for both lobbies, so that will be in my next blog!


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