lago mar resort from above aerial August 6, 2018 1:52 pm

Hi! Wow! What a week we have had. We had to tent our house for termites, so after all of the preparation we checked into Lago Mar and enjoyed a staycation. At first, just the kids were super excited but then I began to think about a few days without cooking and cleaning and became very excited myself!

Our days went like this:

In the morning we simply walked down to Acquario and feasted on omelets and pancakes to order, sausage, bacon, and much more, all presented in our Beautiful Breakfast Buffet Room. I forgot how stunning that hidden part of Acquario is because I eat lunch and dinner quite often at the resort but rarely do I have the opportunity to dine during breakfast hours. The Breakfast Buffet Room is one of the most expensive enhancements we have made in the last few years and one of my favorites!

After breakfast, I would walk a very short distance to my office while the kids would head down to the beach. The ocean was so nice that I hard time getting them to come up for lunch. Since we were staying at the resort I decided to forgo yoga for a few days and hit our fitness room for my workouts. I have never been one for treadmills but I decided to give it a try. Our state of the art equipment and the view of Lake Mayan must have inspired me because I ran more during our three day stay than I have in the last year;) I definitely loved the selection of free weights and took advantage of those, too. After using our machines I felt like I really accomplished a lot.

Upon leaving The Fitness Center, I entered the hallway which leads to The Spa and took a deep breath, inhaling the eucalyptus scent and feeling even more invigorated. My relaxing feeling stayed for much of the evening, as dinner was such a breeze (no pun intended). We just walked down to the Sea Grape Terrace and sat, looking at the ocean and watching our kids on the playground, while tasting Chef Phil’s amazing creations! I absolutely love our Wild Salmon and also our Brussel Sprout Salad. I also treasure sitting down for a whole meal and not having to do dishes! I strongly recommend a staycation no matter what the reason!

Happy August!


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