June 24, 2022 5:12 pm

Hi! Greetings from Dani and the 4th generation! I was asked to write a blog about some of my favorite summer activities to enjoy at Lago Mar. Since there are so many fun activities at the resort, I’ll have to only share a few highlights that excite me the most.

Of course, I always love going to the beach! The water is especially beautiful over the summer because it’s clear, warm, and super calm on most days. When the sun is out, my friends and I love to go to Lago Mar to tan on the beach!

Something my brothers and I have been enjoying so far this summer is the fitness center. We have a routine of walking to the resort from our house, working out in the fitness center, and then jumping in the pool or ocean to cool off.

One day, we switched our routine by playing tennis on our bright blue courts as our exercise. We used the new ball machine that is available for rent to our guests and members. Needless to say, it gave us all a great workout, even Demi, who is used to training for many hours a day.

I have been working at the towel hut again since school ended, and after my shifts, I usually eat lunch on the patio with my mom. I almost always order the poke bowl because it is delicious, but recently I have also been loving the quesadillas. If it’s a Sunday, then we are lucky enough to dine as the steel drummer performs on the lagoon island.

A special area of the resort that has helped me relax after completing my junior year and dealing with the stress of finals, is The Spa. I really loved the Luminous “C” and “Sea” Facial I had the other day. My skin felt amazing after and was really glowing! Actually, as my birthday present my mom said I could go back to the spa and get another treatment. I think I am going to choose the “Island Salt Mousse Glow Body Polish”. I can hardly wait! Happy Birthday to me!


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