college friends pose by tiki hut July 31, 2023 6:14 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We sure are here at the resort. There has been such an abundance of sunshine that there is no better place to be than relaxing down on our private beach or lounging by our swimming lagoon or adult pool.

When my kids aren’t working at the resort they are swimming, tanning, and lunching with each other. Their work day actually starts at 4:00 pm as one of their main jobs is to “close the beach”. This entails loading all of the lounge chairs and umbrellas onto our new gator and then driving them to where they lock them up for the night. This process usually takes about 3 to 4 hours and it is super important not only to keep order but also to not hinder the turtles from nesting or making their way to the sea once they are born. The teenage closers also make sure the beach is left perfectly clean and organized. Then they proceed to the pools where they pick up all of the towels to ensure they are washed and ready for our resort guests and members the following morning.

In addition to this responsibility, the kids also inspect rooms before our guests check in and Dani has been known to help Nicole serve cocktails on the beach and pool decks. We will miss Dani so much when she leaves for Georgetown in two weeks. I am already crying every time I think about it but I know I can always surround myself with our wonderful members and resort guests when I am feeling sad.

Also, I have Sailor and Chipper at home until Chipper goes off to college next year and Sailor in 3 years. I remember a few years ago when I saw one of our members crying at the inside bar. I asked her if she was ok and she said she had just dropped her twins off at college. I sat with her to keep her company because I had just dropped Demi off too. (It was hard enough dropping only one off…) We all need to support each other during the next few weeks. For those of you who have little ones, it goes so fast so enjoy every single minute! Hope to see you all soon.


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