Erich Pauli retirement July 18, 2023 5:54 pm

Hi! After 27 years of faithful service, Front Desk Manager Erich Pauli has retired. Although we wish Eric a happy, healthy retirement, we are going to miss him so much at the resort.

I actually met Erich before he became part of the Lago Mar Family when he and I used to travel, along with other Sales and Marketing Directors, to Europe, Scandinavia, and South America selling our destination as well as our individual properties to Tour Operators who would then sell to Travel Agents. Back then there was no internet or really any other way of getting business from distant countries except by traveling to them to do trade shows and sales calls. For me it was such an exciting time of my life because I was able to travel to our foreign markets several times a year and meet other great people in our industry like Erich.

In the hospitality industry, Sales & Marketing Managers are often known for being fun, energetic, and extremely gregarious and Erich was no exception. We had so many amazing times! A few years later he started working with us, soon after we completed the renovation of the main building. Over the course of the years, he has experienced all of our renovations, stayed with us during the hurricanes, and most of all, made strong long-lasting friendships with so many of our returning guests. I really wish him well and hope he enjoys a relaxing retirement but secretly I hope he misses the good craziness of the Hospitality Industry and visits us often.

During the week before his farewell party, he kept reminding me that he is only a few miles away and can help out whenever we need. Cheers to Erich who will always be a part of the Lago Mar Family.


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