lago mar resort lounge bar foot rest February 27, 2024 2:59 pm

Hi! I was disappointed that I could not be at the resort to watch the Super Bowl but I actually had to go out of town at the last minute! When I returned I heard from many of our Club Members that they had a great time and, of course, it was definitely one of the most exciting, nail-biting Super Bowl games ever!

Chef Grant did a great job preparing plenty of fun appetizers to keep everyone fed while they were cheering on their favorite team, and most likely having a few cocktails. I heard the Loaded Potato Skins, Flat Bread Pizza, Chicken Wings, and Beef Sliders were awesome! 

Valentine’s Day was also a big success with our Resort Guests and Club Members!

As soon as Chef Grant releases our St. Patrick’s Day Menu I will be sure to share with you and thank you again for your support of my blog!


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