tahitian fire dancers November 30, 2018 4:47 pm

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We were so busy here at the resort with our returning guests and several new guests as well. Between the amazing weather and the exciting, new activities we hosted over the holiday, I think our guests and members were very happy. My Tahitian Hula Show was a big hit, especially the Fire Dancers.

mermaids in the pool lago mar
The Mermaids were gorgeous, lounging on the stairs of the swimming lagoon, flapping their tails. All of the kids swam over to them, admiring them and asking them lots of interesting questions. It was so cute to see how mesmerized the children were, especially the little girls. Two of our little guests even had their own mermaid fins on in preparation for the event. it was so sweet! The temporary tattoo and face painting station on the chess set was super popular, too. As the mermaids were leaving, a huge movie screen was installed on the Beach Playground to show “Happy Feet” to all of our guests and members. Watching the kids with their paint decorations and glow rings on, enjoying their popcorn, while their parents were able to dine at the tables on the Promenade Walkway or even sneak over to the bar for some adult time while still being so close to the activity was such a great concept that I definitely would have enjoyed while I was on vacation with my four kids. The “icing on the cake” for Mermaid/Movie Night was the spectacular Full Moon over the ocean. It was truly magical!

full moon night fort lauderdale beach lago mar resort

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