lago mar logo sweatshirts December 12, 2018 4:10 pm

Hi! I just checked in with Miss Amber at the Resort Shop for some holiday gift ideas and I have lots to report!

grey mens lago mar logo hoodie

The first items I found were some sharp looking men’s Lago Mar hoodies, polos, and long sleeve tees. I believe it is a universal phenomenon that men are really hard to shop for, so I think that these are super finds. Another great find for the men in your life is our Lilly Pulitzer ties. The designs are just beautiful!

mens lilly pulitzer ties accessories

Next, I went looking for gifts for the ladies. I found so many wonderful Lilly gifts for women that I am going to have to dedicate another entire blog to share those picks!

lago mar kids logo tees

If you are looking for logo presents geared toward children, the new kid’s sweatshirts are perfect to run around in this time of year! The Lago Mar tees with cute sayings are also great gift ideas for our devoted younger guests.

bar accessories gifts

Another fun gift idea that could work for family and friend gifts are our new shot glasses and bar accessories. Who doesn’t want new bar toys?!

Stay tuned for our ladies’ gift guide and happy shopping


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