August 29, 2017 11:15 pm

Hi! I am writing today about a part of the resort that is so dear to me – The Soda Shop. The Soda Shop is truly one of the sweetest areas of Lago Mar. Upon entering one immediately feels a magical, whimsical sense as they see the huge “lit up” brightly colored umbrella standing over the gourmet cheeses, artisan meats, and Boar’s Head Hummus selections. After taking in that vignette, one might notice the exquisite, fun moldings placed over the refrigerated goods. Of course, one of my personal favorite sections is the Wine Market tucked away in the corner offering many great wines for sale, as well as the very popular, Prosecco! However, my kids would argue that the mini ice cream parlor is the best.

Everyone can agree, though, that the pretty counter with comfortable, individual stools is just so inviting and Fran is just so much fun to talk to. Like a great number of our Lago Mar Family, Fran has been with us for almost 20 years. Patti, the Manager, is wonderful, too! When she is not searching for new healthy snacks to serve the guests, she is perfecting her famous waffles. Breakfast in the Soda Shop is such a treat. While I don’t make it over for breakfast that often, I do love sneaking in for a quick lunch. The Honey Dijon Chicken Panini is absolutely delicious as well as the Pacific Pastrami, my fiance’s favorite. I always take a bite of his because how many calories can be in one bite? I think one night this week I will play hooky from cooking dinner and take the kids over for an early dinner. I might even have to sample one of the wines to make sure they are perfect for our guests. I just love my job!


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