outdoor patio dining lago mar fort lauderdale resort August 20, 2020 1:26 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is adjusting to the new school year as kids head back to school! Our school is strictly virtual at the present time, so we are trying to make the most out of our “new normal”.

The kids still have to wear their uniforms on zoom, so every morning we get up, get dressed, have some breakfast, and start the school day. Already, in the middle of our first day, a few moms have reached out to me to get the kids together at the resort. We all feel that after a long day of sitting still and staring at a screen, we need some healthy exercise and socializing (with social distance in place). Actually, it is us moms that need the resort so badly right now for some much-needed cocktails! We feel entitled to our margaritas now that we have become teachers overnight! We all have always had a great deal of respect for teachers, but now we are so grateful that they chose to do what they do.

ivy athletes spending time at lago mar resort
Left to right: Dartmouth Tennis, Harvard Tennis (Demi), Columbia Tennis, and Columbia Golf

Demi has taken this opportunity to spend time with some of her friends from the junior tennis circuit (who all also attend Ivy League schools). All four girls are Ivy Athletes and are at home taking their college courses because their colleges did not go back this fall. They plan to make the best of it by doing their immense amount of work “together but separate” in one of our large suites. During their breaks, they can dip in our 85-degree ocean or have a healthy lunch on the popular Promenade Walkway. They will also definitely make their way to the tennis courts here on the beach for practice and do some weightlifting in our fitness center.

We (moms and kids) appreciate Lago Mar even more now, as it is our “change of venue”, source of fresh air and exercise, and place for safe social interaction during this time of COVID-19 homeschooling.

Lastly, now that we are responsible for serving our kids three meals and two snacks a day, it is nice to head over to the SeaGrape Terrace and let Chef Grant and his staff provide us with an amazing dinner. I think this will be the plan a few days a week.

Wishing everyone a productive new school year!


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