lago mar resort fort lauderdale pool beach view August 25, 2020 1:48 pm

Hi! We are so happy to announce that our COVID-19 numbers have been on the decline for the past couple weeks. This includes the State of Florida’s numbers as well as numbers for Broward County. Yay!

This past weekend we were thrilled to have guests from up north fly down to stay with us because they missed their Spring trip to Lago Mar. I was so afraid the weather would not be good, as Hurricane Laura had not decided which way she was headed. Thank God she stayed away and we had beautiful weather all weekend.

I actually just said good-bye to another family out in the lobby, and they told me how they loved being at the Resort in the summer because the ocean is so warm and there are not as many people in Fort Lauderdale now as there would have been in March.

We, of course, love for our guests to dine in Acquario but we also encourage them to try the fabulous restaurants we are fortunate to have in our town. The inviting warm ocean and the choice of many restaurants without a wait make late summer/early fall an excellent time to visit. These particular guests were so grateful for the complimentary upgrade we gave them because we are able to do so at this current time. Also, the summer rates are very attractive. They said they can’t wait to see us again in March but will also be back next Summer.

If anyone from up north, out west, or anywhere in the US would like to come down and see us and would like my assistance please don’t hesitate to email me at

Hope to see more of our return guests and meet some new/future guests, too!


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