lago mar resort lagoon pool fort lauderdale beach blue sky August 3, 2020 1:20 pm

Hello! Demi here. I know you have all heard about the scary Hurricane Isaias but, fortunately for us here at Lago Mar, we dodged the storm! The weather was actually beautiful for most of yesterday and the day before, so I guess the term “calm before the storm” is true!

lago mar resort beach after isaias

Most of the rain we did get came during the night, which made for a nice night’s sleep. There’s something about the steady sound of rain outside that makes your bed so much cozier at night, especially our beds here at the resort!

Our Lago Mar family does want to remind everyone who might be living in a place still in Hurricane Isaias’s future path to be safe. Hopefully, you will dodge most of the storm, too, like we did here in Fort Lauderdale!


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