lago mar resort lobby decorations September 12, 2018 1:34 pm

Hi! Even though September is usually a slow month for the hospitality industry, because of the start of the school year, we are not idle here at the resort. We are busy making our improvements to ensure that Lago Mar is always in the most pristine condition possible. Just this week, we received a beautiful new coffee table for the Main Lobby that really adds some pizzaz to the seating area near the front desk. We have also just put in new exquisite side tables in the Fountain View Lobby. As I write this blog, installation of a new sandy beige carpeting is taking place in The Resort Shop. As soon as it is complete I will send some pictures. I can’t wait to wander in because I absolutely love the smell of new carpet. In the last few months we have almost completed the process of re-carpeting all of the accommodations across the whole property, so I have been able to enjoy that smell quite often! As always, our wish is to enhance our guest and members’ experiences throughout the resort.  As soon as I have more pictures I will share them with you!

lago mar decor oursite meeting room

The Lagoon Pool has also completed its updates and will be back open to enjoy today!

Happy September!


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