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Hi! I am sorry I have been delayed in my blog. Demi and I have been in Orlando for a State Doubles Championship. She and her partner played really well. They made it to the finals but lost in a tie-break. Even more meaningful than their wins was the fact that they won the Sportsmanship Award for the whole tournament! Now we are heading back to Fort Lauderdale and I am definitely in need of some spa treatments.
Our spa at the resort has been exceptionally busy as we are participating in “Spatember”, a Greater Fort Lauderdale package deal, which includes promotions from most of the luxurious spas in our area. We are currently offering three of our spa treatments for 50% off the regular price. What is even more valuable about this promotion is that, during September, we allow the public to enjoy our spa as part of Spatember. Most know that our spa is only open to our guests and members so this is a treat for many people who like to pamper themselves at, an otherwise, private club. I think, as part of my job, I am going to just have to “try” all three of the options.

demi snyder orlando state doubles championship
First, in order to de-stress after this tennis tournament, I am going to book the Pure Relaxation Package, a full body relaxation massage, including a foot massage for sore and tired feet – exactly what I need! I am also looking forward to the Pure Fiji hot oil coconut scalp massage that accompanies this treatment. After trekking through grass and clay all weekend, I am in desperate need of a Tuscan Pedicure & Manicure Shellac Wine Therapy, another option for September. I am very intrigued by the “milk soak ritual”, and an exfoliation of crushed grape seeds is perfect for post-tournament parent protocol. Having my hands and feet massaged with a wine-inspired body oil before having the long-lasting shellac polish applied sounds heavenly, too. I guess I will have to skip the complimentary glass of wine because I will be “working”. Maybe next week, after I catch up on more serious work, I will treat myself to a Wellness Ritual Collagen Facial Treatment! At age 52 this is right up my alley. This revolutionary de-aging treatment will reduce the look of wrinkles while increasing firmness and providing a smoother and more radiant looking skin. Doesn’t it sound amazing?!

Hope to meet you in the Relaxation Room over a glass of fruit infused water!

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