tahitian dancers hula dancers on the beach lago mar fort lauderdale April 23, 2019 7:12 pm

Hi! Wow! What an amazing holiday week we had at the resort!

We started our Easter programming with an evening yoga on the beach session, led by Keely from Yoga Joint South. The weather was perfect with such a nice breeze. It was so relaxing to breathe in the salt air while we were in the poses and know that we were really doing something good for our minds and bodies. After we finished our class we (yogis) gathered by the Ocean Grill for pomegranate/mixed berry smoothies served by Chef Grant.

yoga on the beach lago mar fort lauderdale yoga joint south

Fun Fact: Chef Grant is actually a yogi himself and attends Keely’s Yoga Joint in Davie on a regular basis. After this busy holiday week, he will need a lot of Yoga:).

Later in the evening, we hosted a Traditional Tahitian Hula Show on the beach playground, which was a huge hit with all ages! Our resort guests and members were first treated to a Lei Greeting and then a performance by three very pretty hula dancers, a drummer, and two fire dancers. It was another truly magical/entertaining night at the resort.

tahitian dancers hula show

These events were the perfect way to kick off the Easter festivities here at Lago Mar! Up next came Farm Night, a fan favorite activity! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with adorable baby animals on the beach?

farm night beach petting zoo

On the big day itself, guests got to enjoy a spectacular holiday buffet, fun beach egg hunt and some face-time with the Easter Bunny herself.

easter bunny on the beach fort lauderdale

We love making holidays at Lago Mar extra special for all of our visitors.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Break!


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