lago mar easter 2022 annual egg hunt easter bunny with kids April 19, 2022 4:40 pm

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter 2022. We sure did at Lago Mar! Except for a couple of hours on Good Friday, the weather was amazing and still is as I write this blog.

lago mar easter 2022 annual egg hunt playground

Watching the Easter Bunny hop down the Gallery Walkway, which was lined with beautiful Easter Lilies, was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday for me. I know all of the parents appreciated taking pictures with Peter Cottontail after The Hunt and our younger guests really had a good time dancing with him on the playground.

lago mar easter 2022 easter bunny with cocktail at lounge bar

After making his way into the Dining Room to greet our guests who were enjoying Chef Grant’s Easter Extravaganza, he actually stopped at the bar inside The Wine Cellar Lounge to try a refreshing Carrot Cocktail! He was so grateful to be back at Lago Mar after two years of Covid that he even stopped by the Front Desk for a chat before he left in a golf cart driven by Michael Holmes.

lago mar easter 2022 easter bunny with walter banks

I almost forgot to mention that we had another successful yoga class on the beach led by Keely on Saturday morning. What a whirlwind week! Can’t wait to see what Chef Grant is planning for Mother’s Day!

💃 Deb  

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