February 29, 2016 3:37 pm

Hi! I just wanted to report about the amazing experience I had in our spa a few days ago. I had the honor of spending a couple of hours with our Pevonia Representative and she was fascinating! I learned a lot about Pevonia, our featured skin care line in the spa, and their great products and received a mini class in skincare. I love the fact that Pevonia is “clean and green”. I also love the natural ingredients, like Safflower Seed oil, Cucumber and Gardenia Florida Flower Extract, and I am obsessed with the way all of the products smell. My favorite is the Power Repair Firming Marine Elastin Cream. I use it at night, and I already see a big difference.

By the way, I learned that using nighttime cream is so important because your skin rejuvenates itself the most between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., while you are sleeping. I made a note to myself to work on getting to bed earlier, too! I guess that is why they call it “beauty sleep”.

I also learned how crucial a toner can be to certain skin. After I apply the Pevonia Botanica Ligne Power Repair, a hydrating lotion, I feel as though my skin is the cleanest it has been in a long time. A good toner is necessary to remove every last bit of makeup and impurities from your face. I also received a valuable lesson about sunscreen. There are only two ingredients that really protect you from the sun and both are found in Pevonia’s sunscreen, so I immediately grabbed some for my boating bag.

It was really interesting to learn about the role of serums in a beauty routine. Pevonia’s Power Repair Intensifier – Collagen & Myoxy-Caviar is an anti-aging serum that saturates the skin with potent polypeptides and rejuvenating extracts and delivers amazing results. Its combination of Caviar Extract, Hibiscus Esculentus Extract and Jonquil Oil stimulate the skin’s metabolism and microcirculation and boost cell turnover, while providing a natural floral fragrance. Since I am turning 50 in June, this is a must for me

Thank you, Pevonia! My skin has never looked or felt so good! Tomorrow, Demi and I are going to learn about their SpaTeen line and we will definitely get back to you!

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