July 12, 2017 11:19 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great summer! We definitely are here at the resort. The weather has been great and the ocean absolutely wonderful. Every day, after the girls train for tennis, we all head down to the beach and enjoy the benefits of the salt water! Both of the girls have noticed that their skin has been really clear with all of this complimentary “salt therapy”.

Since we have not yet taken our “summer vacation”, we have been spending many hours at the resort and loving every minute of it! The boys have clocked many hours on the new basketball court and the girls, of course, have done the same on the tennis courts. They (the girls) have been so thrilled with the new bright blue color that they have had several players over for match play. I think they feel as though they are playing in the Australian Open every day.

After long hours of training and strenuous fitness sessions, both girls have found refuge in the Spa, indulging in massages to assist with the recovery process of their tissue and muscles. For me, the Spa has been my “summer happy place” to unplug and treat my skin to some relaxing and anti-aging therapy. Lastly, I did mention in my last blog that we were enhancing the Port Cochere with new landscaping and stonework. Well, everything is complete and turned out beautifully. We are very proud of our “sense of arrival” and hope to welcome you back to Lago Mar soon!


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