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I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and is enjoying 2018 so far. We are thankful that we sustained only minimal damage from Hurricane Irma last fall and were able to bounce back pretty quickly. Other than a lot of sand in both pools we were fine. We were actually able to open the day after the storm passed thanks to our committed staff, who rushed right back to the resort as soon as the winds died down and the evacuation order was lifted. Many of our guests and members greatly appreciated an impromptu “hurrication” with us, as so many Broward County residents were without power for several days.

After the commotion of Irma we were able to finish some exciting projects that I think you will enjoy during your next visit – we have installed beautiful new carpet on all floors in the South building to compliment the artwork lining the interior hallways. I love these particular pieces because they are the work of a local artist and feature flowers indigenous to South Florida. We are also in the process of replacing the carpet throughout the rest of the resort as we do every 5 to 7 years. We are very diligent with our renovations because Lago Mar is like our home, and you are our houseguests, so we want everything to be as perfect as possible for you!

Lastly, we hope you are enjoying our new landscaping outside the porte cochère and throughout the property. To ensure that your “sense of arrival” is extra smooth we even paved the road leading in and out of the resort.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter, especially the section on the Family Program, which is so near and dear to my heart.

Debbie Banks Snyder

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