January 25, 2023 8:12 pm

Hi! I wanted to share a fun story of how it really is a small world!

As some of you know, Fourth Generation, Demi, attends Harvard. She is a senior and Captain of the Women’s Tennis Team. I was up in Cambridge this past weekend watching her play and staying at The Boston Harbor Hotel. While waiting for an Uber, in the snow, I was telling the doorman that I will be sad when she graduates in May because the Boston Harbor is one of my favorite hotels.

Every time I have checked in over the last four years I am always greeted with big smiles and helpful staff. I was also sharing with him that we own a hotel very similar, with many guests returning several times over.

Just then, I hear my name called and it is one of our long-term resort guests! Imagine how surprised and happy I was! He asked if we could take a selfie and of course, I had to oblige so that I could share eit all with you!


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