colleen goes skydiving June 18, 2019 9:48 pm

Hi! I am so excited to blog about one of our favorite staff members, Colleen Kessler! Colleen has been part of the Lago Mar Family for 27 years. Although she started in the Soda Shop, Colleen has spent most of her time with us on the switchboard. I don’t think I have ever seen Colleen without a big smile across her face.

Well, Colleen turned 85 this past Saturday and decided a few months ago that she was going to celebrate her birthday by SKYDIVING! She asked a few of our staff members to go with her and even though they love Colleen they were too afraid to partake in her birthday outing. Finally, one of our Bellmen, who has worked with Colleen for 18 years here at Lago Mar, agreed to join her in the adventure of a lifetime.

Last Saturday, the Big Day came and they both were able to cross off an item on their bucket lists! I am so excited to share their video, and I am also thrilled that both of them are back on the ground safe and sound!

Watch Colleen’s Skydiving Video:

Happy 85th, Colleen! You are amazing.


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