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Hi! I just wanted to post a quick blog to share some pictures we took on National Lilly Pulitzer Day, which was June 21st! I personally have been wearing Lilly since Demi was a baby (18 years ago), and I can honestly say that I think the last few collections are some of their best! I love the summer dresses that I can throw on to go to a barbecue or other outdoor event. I will definitely be packing a few for our family summer vacation to Italy. In addition, our Lilly travel tote that zips up will be perfect to carry through the airport. Since skorts are so popular again I should take a pair of those, too! The flamingo pattern is going to be so cute for sightseeing in Venice! When Demi and Dani were little, the three of us wore matching Lilly and made some of our sweetest pictures/memories together.

lilly pulitzer lago mar resort shop

I hope everyone is having a great summer!


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