historic lago mar resort wall 60th anniversary photo archive v2 May 17, 2022 11:17 pm

Hi! I am so excited to announce our latest enhancements in The Palm Garden Room! Over the past couple of months, we have been working on a design of four brand new side stations in the dining room. Once we embarked on this new project, we decided it would be a good time to unveil a new hostess stand, too. If we were to build a new hostess stand then we would simply have to renovate the cabinets across from the hostess stand.

I really love this project because it has been mostly mine. That is both good and bad. In business, it is hard, actually impossible, to make everyone happy, but I truly believe that most all of our resort guests/members will like what has been chosen. I will have renderings soon but at the moment I can describe the side stations and hostess stand as the creation/building of gorgeous oak cabinets with striking new quartz countertops.

In our family, I am neither the great designer nor am I the green thumb. My mom truly loves landscaping and decorating and is very talented. We used to call her the Plant Manager but that doesn’t do her justice because she and my dad literally pick out every piece of furniture, drapery, carpet, tile, etc. (in addition to the “plants”) throughout the resort.

When I was young and traveling the world to market the resort, I saw so many things I wanted to implement at Lago Mar. I would basically have to sell my idea to my dad and, when he agreed, he and our General Manager would see it through while I went overseas again to market Lago Mar to another International Market.

The Project that has been most near and dear to my heart has clearly been the History Wall, because it was a surprise to my Dad it was all on me and I really loved every moment of creating a wall dedicated to my grandparents and parents who enabled the resort to thrive today.

I can’t wait to share drawings with you and my new big project and will be ecstatic when the project is complete at the end of the summer!


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