April 18, 2017 11:25 pm

Hi! I just wanted to check-in and share some pictures with you of the special activities over the Easter Holiday Weekend. The Farm Animals were a huge hit! The llama was everyone’s favorite! His name was Henry and it suited him as he looked so regal with his long neck and great posture. For about 30 minutes there were two baby goats that were actually standing on top of him fighting over who got to stay – super funny. The mama goat with her nursing baby was adorable also! Dani was thrilled that she got to hold a pink pig! I would have to say, based on what I witnessed with the farm, the appeal went beyond just children and extended to teenagers and adults, too! Watching so many kids wandering around with painted faces and cotton candy made me smile.

I think everyone at the resort appreciated the photo booth because there were so many happy guests and members walking out of the Ocean Grill with their complimentary pictures. Lastly, I hope some of you were able to experience Magician Jozeph perform some of his tricks. He literally had a crowd around him the whole entire time he was on property and, again, it wasn’t just kids, the teenagers were enthralled with him as well as the adults enjoying a cocktail at the Promenade Bar.

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Speaking of the Promenade Bar, the evening of the Petting Zoo it made me laugh to see the look on the adults’ faces as they were sipping on their tropical drinks and saw goats, pigs, and a llama casually walk by on their way out to their pen on the beach playground. I could tell that many of our guests were wondering if they had too much to drink or were there really animals cruising by.

lmEast Day 2 3

I cannot leave out the Yoga class with Keely. She was amazing as usual and the 20 yogis that participated were so grateful to practice yoga on the beach with such an experienced, spiritual and beautiful teacher.

I hope you enjoy all the pictures we collected over the holiday weekend and hope to see you spend next Easter at Lago Mar!

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