September 29, 2017 3:07 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is getting back to normal after Hurricane Irma. We are doing well here at the resort. We have continued our project of installing new carpeting on all the floors of our South building and it is spectacular! We chose a carpet with a striated background, which compliments the artwork that lines the hallways. I really love the paintings as they feature flowers indigenous to South Florida and are the work of a local artist! Our new LED lighting is subtle and adds to the ambiance. We are actually in the process of installing new carpet throughout the whole property but I will give you more details about this in a future blog.

Although our new landscaping outside the Porte Cochere suffered some minor damage during the hurricane, it was freshened up within a day or two of the storm. Another project that was in the works when Irma decided to fly by (no pun intended) just came to fruition. Although a newly paved road leading in and out of your property is not super exciting to most, I do believe you will appreciate it when you visit us next. The road was paved rather that just seal-coated it makes for a super smooth arrival. This made a lot of sense to us as we like to emphasize a luxurious, inviting “sense of arrival” for our members and guests.

See you soon, Deb

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