July 15, 2015 4:10 pm

Hi! It has been such a fun summer so far! The Fourth was great at the resort and Chef Phil created an amazing buffet in our new buffet room and a lot of really cool people celebrated the holiday with us – not to mention the great view of fireworks that seemed to be going off right over us!

It was so nice to spend time with friends and I even got to socialize with Steve Shapiro from WSVN-TV. He is super funny and nice and I think he had a good time at Lago Mar!

The next day Chris, the kids and I headed up to Virginia for a family vacation. We had a blast and it was so nice of my parents to invite us! I am not sure if you know this but my parents are both from Virginia Beach and they actually went to the same elementary school. Both of them moved to Fort Lauderdale when they were teenagers and were set up on a blind date. In June they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. That is amazing!

Now we are back and getting settled. The first thing the kids wanted to do when we got home was to go to Lago Mar. Demi and Dani have been eating very healthy lately and it was so cute of Chef Phil to come over to the girls and tell them that he thought they would love his “special” he was running in Acquario that evening. They were so excited and asked me if we could stay for dinner. No one had to twist my arm to have a night off from cooking dinner so off to the Sea Grape Terrace we went. We all took Chef’s advice and ordered the special, which was a Bell and Evans organic chicken sous vide with pickled cherries and vegetable quinoa, and it was so delicious and perfect for Demi and Dani’s new clean approach to eating. I asked Phil to explain to us what “sous vide” actually meant and he said it was a “method of cooking food in a vacuum sealed bag at its optimal cooking temperature.” I have to say it was the most delicious chicken I have ever had and the kids agreed! I think I might have to see what Chef has planned for tonight.


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