spa massage female July 22, 2015 4:10 pm

Hi! I have to tell you about the spa treatment I received last week at the resort! It was a body treatment, which consisted of a scrub, massage and wrap. There were a few to choose from but since I am so interested in all that is anti-aging I decided to try the Lumafirm. I will go through some of the highlights of my fabulous treatment with you.

The first step was applying a body elixir made up of sorghum, dactyl boldine, kambucha, soy protein, and marine collagen. It promises to tighten the skin and promote an instantly luminous and even complexion. Next came the micro-release massage gel, which was made up of safflower oil, squalane, beeswax, olive polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin A. I believe our technician spent about 45 minutes massaging this gel into my skin – so relaxing! This part of the process served to revitalize and hydrate and also was an anti-oxidant.

The body wrap was very interesting in that I could kind of feel the nutrients entering my body as I lied there listening to the beautiful music and enjoying a foot massage. After the wrap was removed, a body moisturizer was applied and I definitely felt like my skin was tighter and softer. Once I was in the light, I could see that my skin was brighter and my complexion more even! I will make this part of my beauty regime for sure and I think next time I’ll try the caviar wrap! Oh, how I hate my job!

🙂 Deb

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