Dani Banks Snyder graduation May 22, 2023 3:54 pm

Hi! I can’t believe this school year is almost finished.

Dani, Fourth Generation Owner, just graduated and it is bittersweet. While I am so excited for her to begin her college journey where she will be attending The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown. I am going to miss her so incredibly much.

Next week Demi will be graduating from Harvard and moving to New York where she will be working for Morgan Stanley in Investment Banking! The boys and I are going to miss both of them. We will definitely be visiting  NY and DC often.

2022 Harvard seniors with Demi Banks Snyder

I am very much looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend with the whole family together plus twelve Harvard Grads! Yes, Demi invited 12 of her friends, who are also graduating from Harvard, to enjoy the resort. Almost every one of them is a Harvard Athlete. We have two tennis players, a sailor, a softball player, a volleyball player, a female water polo player, and a wrestler, among other sports.

For all of our members and resort guests who will be joining us, there will definitely be some pretty intense games of volleyball and tennis happening over Memorial Day Weekend at Lago Mar! You are welcome to join in or just be a spectator. We will also be featuring Craig Fitch, our Guitarist, on the Lagoon Island both Friday and Saturday evening and the steel drummer Sunday afternoon. For the kids, we will have face painting on Saturday from 3:00 – 5:00 pm near the Towel Hut.

I personally love this holiday because it involves no cooking or gift-giving but lots of margaritas while relaxing on our huge private beach. It is a perfect holiday!


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