Parents in hammock with child nearby September 4, 2019 6:25 pm

Hi! I am happy/relieved to report that Hurricane Dorian did not come close enough to us to cause anything more than some rain, mild wind gusts, and rough seas. We did, however, board up the entire resort and evacuated most of our guests just to be safe. It was definitely not the fun Labor Day Weekend that we expected to have but we are grateful to have been spared.

Our hearts go out to the Bahamians on those islands which experienced the wrath of a Category 5 Hurricane. The kids and I are getting packages together to send over to help the families who lost everything.

Here, at Lago Mar, all of our staff have been busy putting all of the lounges back on the beach and by the pools, putting signs and decorations back up, and removing sandbags from around the property. We are actually pretty much back to normal. Our guests are starting to arrive and that makes us super happy.

Even though Lago Mar is such an amazing place in an incredible location, it is our smiling staff and loyal guests and members who make our place magical. We really missed everyone and glad we are “back in business”!

After being cooped up for the last few days, Chris, the kids, and I are looking forward to a fun Lago Mar weekend!

Hope to see you,


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