pergola lago mar fort lauderdale September 18, 2019 4:10 pm

Hi! I have some fun things to report in this latest blog post. We now have a pergola at the east end of the Quiet Pool! This pretty feature will offer more shade to our guests and, as soon as we have the lights strung underneath, it will also serve as a beautiful visual from Acquario in the evening.

Equally exciting are the new tables we are adding to the Promenade Walkway. The Promenade Walkway has always been so popular, especially for families because parents can actually sit down and enjoy a nice lunch/dinner while watching their kids play in the sand a few feet from them. My kids are older now but this was vital to me when I had four small kids between 3-10 years old. Lago Mar was virtually the only place where I could relax/dine while keeping a close eye on the kids. I remember having numerous playdates with other moms during that time period because we so appreciated our “sanctuary”, otherwise known as the Promenade Walkway. So, we at the resort have decided to add pavers between the wall that is currently there now, the towel hut, and the chess set to offer more tables to accommodate our guest and members. I am super excited!

I forgot to mention that we also painted the deck of the Quiet Pool. Another project we have almost completed is the re-paving of the parking spots in front of the resort. We even added some white rocks to cover the area between the parking bumpers and the seawall. We are always focused on improving the “sense of arrival” at Lago Mar because we all know how important first impressions can be! We have plans for another really awesome enhancement but you will have to read my next blog to find out what it is!

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