March 26, 2015 9:00 pm

Hey! This is Demi, filling in for my mom. My siblings, cousins, and I all had an awesome time at the Lago Mar this weekend. We actually spent both days there! On Saturday, after playing tennis with my coach for an exhausting couple of hours on the new and improved tennis courts, I was extremely grateful for several moments of peace as I laid on the hammock with nothing but a virgin strawberry daiquiri. Over the music coming from my headphones, I could hear my younger siblings on the playground, playing some new game that one of them probably thought up minutes before.

Soon I became hungry, so I rounded up the group and snatched a table at the Ocean Grill. I watched enviously, having ordered a healthy Caesar salad, as they downed cheeseburgers and chili-cheese fries.

After lunch, I asked my mom for a pedicure in the spa, and with just one glance of my chipped nails, she gladly agreed. By the end of the day, no one wanted to go home or have to cook dinner, so a whole group of us stayed and ate dinner on the patio while listening to Craig Fitch play his guitar. And then there was Sunday…

Demi 🙂

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