new hostess stand September 15, 2022 4:26 pm

Hi! So excited to give you a sneak peek at our new Hostess Stand! This has been part of my project to update The Palm Garden Dining Room and I am so thrilled with the way it is coming to fruition. We are really looking forward to unveiling this, as well as other enhancements, to our return guests next month for the 63rd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS).

For me, the boat show marks the beginning of the holidays at the resort and in our amazing town. The hustle and bustle coinciding with this spectacular event are exhilarating and contagious. Even if you are not planning to purchase a boat in the near future, there is still so much to do at this MUST-SEA event. In addition to the 1300 watercraft featured, FLIBS is always a huge culinary adventure offering almost any food that one could ever crave. Some of the highlights of food options are Greek gyros, wood-fired picanha, authentic street tacos, hand-crafted burgers, and tons of fresh seafood.

I personally love to walk to the event on foot from our resort and spend the day looking at gorgeous yachts, dining on fresh stone crabs and oysters, and stopping by Goslings World Famous Floating Cocktail Bar. What a great day and way to accumulate thousands of steps on my fitness watch, therefore, entitling me to delicious food and cocktails without the slightest bit of guilt. We always love to head back to Lago Mar in the evening and visit with all of our return guests who are either exhibiting, exploring, or shopping for their dream boat.

Thank you again to everyone who reads my blog. Let me know what are your favorite parts of The Boat Show!


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