banks family fourth generation lago mar owners at towel hut glow jewelry January 14, 2022 6:00 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy 2022. We saw 2021 out with a fantastic New Year’s Eve Celebration at the resort. Chef Grant outdid himself with his delicious offerings in Acquario, and then Leslie Butler’s DJ skills were quite impressive and helpful to ringing in the New Year with many of our resort guests and club members. We also had a lot of University of Michigan fans staying with us and although they didn’t get the result they were hoping for at the Orange Bowl, they sure did have a good time drinking and dancing in our Wine Cellar Lounge.

Earlier that evening my kids and I gave out Glow Jewelry to our younger guests and they really enjoyed their treats as well as meeting the Fourth Generation of Lago Mar. I still can’t believe how absolutely perfect the weather was every single day over the Holiday Break.

I am so grateful to have had Demi, the oldest of the Fourth Generation, home for a little over a month. She left 2 days ago, and I just now stopped crying. She will only come home for a couple of weeks this summer as she received a paid internship in Investment Banking with Morgan Stanley in New York. We are super proud of her but will miss her so much.

demi banks snyder fourth generation lago mar family new years eve 2022

During the time I spent helping out at The Towel Hut over the holiday I met several guests who gave me great advice for helping her move to NY for the summer. We honestly have the nicest guests stay with us and Lago Mar is truly one big family between our staff and our resort guests and club members.

Last but not least, I wanted to welcome Sam, an adorable cat who has become the most recent and cutest member of our Lago Mar Family. He is very friendly and has found a permanent home at Lago Mar. I will be at the resort over this holiday weekend and hope to see many of you.

Happy Martin Luther King Weekend,


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