June 7, 2016 3:22 pm

Hi! Summer has officially started for me and the kids, as school ended last Wednesday! We have already spent so much time at the resort, having tennis friends over for match play/dinner and playdates down at the beach.

I am so excited that our new lunch menu will be out soon! We just finished proofing it and it’s off at the printer’s. A few months back, we had a tasting of the new items and I immediately fell in love with the Smoked Chicken Salad with tomato, corn, black beans, avocado, shredded pepper jack cheese, red onion, tortilla chips and mint champagne dressing. I know Chris’s favorite will be the Pulled Pork Sandwich with barbecue pulled pork and pineapple slaw on a challah roll. I know the kids can’t wait to get their little fingers on the quesadillas! We felt as though our members and guests would appreciate having the quesadillas and the new beef sliders on both the Palm Garden Room and Promenade menus. Wow, just writing about this delicious food is making me so hungry. I think I will take the kids over for an afternoon swim and then dine on the Sea Grape Terrace, letting Chef Phil do all the cooking ;).

Since we have no homework for a few months, afternoon swims and terrace dinners will definitely be part of our routine – so easy and so much fun! We especially love when we run into some of our members with kids the same age.

Speaking of our members, I hope that all of our members will take the opportunity to poke their heads into the beach club office during their next visit to the club and meet our new Beach Club Director, Cleo Jaddoo. Cleo has been a wonderful part of the Lago Mar Family for over 10 years. Her most recent position was Assistant Manager of the Front Desk. Cleo’s energy amazes me and she already has so many great ideas! One of her many current projects is creating a Facebook group for our members. Congratulations to Cleo and I can’t wait to work more closely with her! Happy Summer!


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