October 5, 2022 5:46 am

Hi! Recently, I had my house tented for termites so the kids and I enjoyed a staycation at the resort. We stayed in a beautiful two-bedroom suite with two full bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a huge living room with brand-new carpeting. Our accommodation also had a brand new sofa which pulled out to twin beds and two new chairs.

Each evening after the kids finished their homework and took a quick swim in the ocean, we enjoyed dining in Acquario. Then it was back to our suite for more homework. Before bed, we treated ourselves to dessert via room service and dined on our private patio with the most incredible view of the ocean.

We were hoping that maybe the last turtle nest on our beach would hatch while we were staying at the resort but the baby turtles did not cooperate. (We actually had over forty-five nests this year on our beach and there is only one left.)

After a really good night’s sleep in our super comfy beds, we were up early for breakfast, compliments of Chef Grant, a gorgeous sunrise, and then off to school!

Tenting your house for termites is never a pleasurable process but we managed to have a fun few days in our favorite place!

Happy October,


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