lago mar resort from above aerial July 1, 2019 5:28 pm

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great summer! We sure are here at Lago Mar! The weather has definitely been hot but the ocean has been so perfect to cool us down after a long day. Demi has been training twice each day on the bright blue beach courts to get ready for Harvard and the other 3 have had friends over a lot to enjoy the resort. No matter what we are doing we end up down in the ocean. The kids are very mindful of the sea’s therapeutic qualities! The saltwater is excellent for teen skin and athletes’ sore muscles.

Hopefully the weather will be nice for the Fourth because Chef Grant has created a fun, festive menu to celebrate the holiday! The BBQ Ribs sound so delicious and the Blackened Corvina with papaya mango Salsa is definitely a healthy option. The Carolina BBQ Braised Pork Shoulder will surely be a hit! All of the sides are always so tasty too. Hope all of our guests and members have a happy/healthy July 4th!


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