lago mar soda shop interior cheese display umbrella January 29, 2021 3:38 pm

Hi! Today, I had a fantastic lunch in the Soda Shop, which is one of my favorite places at Lago Mar. Between the huge whimsical umbrella with lights that serves as a fun focal point and the cozy wine cellar over in the corner, our Soda Shop is one of the most popular places at the resort.

It is a great place to treat the kids to an ice cream cone, grab some breakfast, lunch, and even a light dinner. It is also a super place to go if you are alone and want some great conversation with Fran, who has been part of the Lago Mar Family for over twenty years. She is adored by so many!

If our resort guests/members aren’t taking advantage of the counter service or the perfectly social distanced tables outside on the Hibiscus Court, then they are probably purchasing some gourmet cheese and crackers to accompany a good bottle of wine on their private balconies, taking in the spectacular views of the ocean and the property all lit up at night.

Speaking of lights, in the past few days we have added even more lighting outside along the Promenade Walkway and inside the Promenade Bar. We have some more tricks up our sleeves in the lighting department but I will have to keep you in suspense until I know our exact plans.


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