lagoon pool at night turtle lighting September 26, 2018 3:36 pm

Hi! I just wanted to write a short blog to let you know that we completed our renovation to our Lagoon Pool. The Diamond Brite looks fantastic and the new LED lighting really enhances the nighttime ambiance of the property. We have already received so many compliments!

Lately, we have spent a lot of time, consideration, and money creating an even more romantic look to our property after sunset. The many strings of festive amber lightbulbs decorating the Hibiscus Court, as well as lining the Promenade Walkway, have been a huge hit not only with our guests and members but also with the nesting turtles and the babies who hatch from their nests down on our beach.

We work very hard to comply with the rules set in motion to help these tiny creatures successfully make it from their nests to the sea. Because baby turtles use the moon and stars to guide them on the journey into the sea, the amber lights are great so as not to confuse that process. I was very fortunate a few years ago to witness the hatching of a nest on our beach and it was one of the most incredible, moving experiences I have ever had. My kids were absolutely mesmerized by seeing the group of little turtles virtually all pop out of the nest at one time and scatter around looking for light. We made sure not to even take a picture, for fear of a lighting issue, or disturb them in any way. Turtle season ends October 31st so we have another month of being vigilant about our lighting and hoping our guests, under the guidance of the volunteers on the beach, perhaps, mark something off of their bucket list.


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