tahitian dancers hula lua dancers December 31, 2018 8:57 pm

Hi! I can’t believe this is the last blog for 2018! The kids and I have been busy hosting so many awesome events at the resort! We have had a Hula Show on the beach, a Movie Under the Stars, a petting zoo, bingo and a New Year’s Eve party for kids. One of the many highlights was the fire dancers performing on the beach. They are just so entertaining!

Christmas Dinner went well and fortunately, the weather was nice so our guests and members could sit on the Sea Grape Terrace and the Promenade Walkway. I believe Chef Phil is on his 14th day straight of working to prepare great meals for this holiday season. Chris and I are actually taking the kids over tonight for Chef’s special dinner. I am going to splurge on the Surf and Turf! Dani is going to try the Filet Mignon. Demi will go for the Lemongrass Crusted Chicken and the boys will feast on the Ribeye! I don’t think we will make it until midnight but many of our guests and members will celebrate together in the Lounge with cocktails, desserts, party hats, live music, and extra televisions to watch the ball drop in NYC. Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot to me.


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