March 23, 2023 3:54 pm

Hi! I know I always talk about Demi and Dani’s successes so I wanted to do a shout-out to The Boys of The Fourth Generation and their recent successes!

A few weeks ago Chipper competed at a TSA State Competition and received First Place for Music Production! He and his team members will be going to Nationals at the end of June. Chipper has been producing music, writing songs, singing, and also playing the guitar and keyboard. He is so incredibly talented!

For the Technology Student Association (TSA) State Competition he actually produced the music. He used over 60 musical instrument sounds and spent hours creating/adjusting sounds on his computer. I really don’t even know how to explain it to you because it is so complicated. When I watch him in action I am mesmerized. The whole group wrote the song, which had to be about TSA, and Chipper was the one who presented the piece to the judges.

The next weekend Sailor, who is the youngest of the Fourth Generation, competed at States for DECA in the Hospitality Management Category. He placed 13th in the District in the written exam and then went to Orlando for States. There he took another more difficult exam and performed a role-play exercise with a judge. He placed top 10 in the State for the exam and top 15 in the State for his role-play performance! He is a freshman and was competing against all high schoolers including seniors. Sailor’s dream is to go to Cornell and help run Lago Mar.

I am so proud of both boys. I do have to mention that Dani just learned that she is a National Merit Finalist! We are preparing for Dani’s graduation from High School and Demi’s graduation from Harvard. Such exciting times!


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