lago mar resort fort lauderdale beach view of the atlantic ocean from balcony September 1, 2020 5:59 pm

Hello! Demi here. This past week has been so much fun here at Lago Mar, since my two best friends from Harvard flew into town to have some fun in the sun!

We’ve been enjoying a beautiful two-bedroom suite here, and the full state-of-the-art kitchen is absolutely amazing to have! The three of us have been enjoying the stunning warm weather and the ocean, which, by-the-way, looked like a LAKE on Monday. It was probably the prettiest I’ve seen it in a while.

My friends, who are both from Boston, could not get over how warm the water was. “It’s like a bathtub,” they kept saying. They’ve also been raving about the food here; their personal favorites are the Coconut Shrimp appetizer and the new Poke Bowl on our menu! And of course…they don’t miss any opportunity to end the meal with a hearty slice of Key Lime Pie.

I am so happy they are here enjoying this place and making my home their home for a little bit. I hope you guys all make my home your home sometime soon. It really is something special here at Lago Mar!


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