taco day lago mar fort lauderdale October 4, 2019 1:27 pm

Hi! If you haven’t been to the resort/club lately, you haven’t seen our newest enhancement. I am so excited to blog about my favorite of our latest creations. Because of the popularity of the Promenade Walkway, we decided to take advantage of the area east of the current walkway by adding pavers and extending the dining space to include four more tables. We have already received so many compliments as our guests really appreciate the ambiance of the amber lights during the evening, the lighter menu offered for lunch/dinner and the proximity to the numerous activities we offer.

This area especially appeals to families because the parents can have a romantic dinner while their kids are playing within a few yards. Couples also love this area because it is close to the Promenade Bar, has a nice view of the ocean, and features live entertainment from the Lagoon Island or piped-in music playing from pretty rocks strategically placed throughout the property. 

At this moment I am sitting at one of the new tables enjoying an Ultimate Lago Margarita with our South Florida Fish Tacos. I thought I needed to get a head start celebrating National Taco Day, which is Friday, October 4th! Hope to see our members and guests for a mini fiesta.



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