lago mar bar is open for business September 29, 2020 7:24 pm

We are excited to share that our Governor announced that Florida is open!

As of yesterday, we have our Promenade Bar open as well as our bar in The Wine Cellar Lounge. It is so nice to see our resort guests/members enjoying a cocktail at the bar for the first time in several months. We do want to let everyone know that while we are technically allowed to fully open our bars, we will continue to practice social distancing by spacing out our bar stools and sanitizing frequently. Nothing has changed with facial coverings. Our staff are required to comply when working their shifts, and our guests/members must wear a mask when in our indoor public spaces, except when eating/drinking. We are also planning to wait to take our inside dining back to 100 percent.

In addition to this news, we have been notified that we are permitted to use our banquet space for weddings and other events. There are, of course, stipulations but if you are interested in planning a party please contact me at We are thrilled with the continued low COVID-19 numbers in our state but want to take baby steps in reopening to ensure the safety of everyone!

We are looking forward to welcoming back many of our return guests from up north and preparing for the Boat Show and holidays! I can hardly wait.


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